The FASTEST WAY To Sell Out Your NLP Certification Courses & Hypnosis Certififcation Courses To Build A 7 Figure NLP/Hypnosis Training Company.

I'll TEACH you every step, strategy and system I have used to enrol more than 30,000 NLP & Hypnosis students globally (Without paid ads, funnels, free events, writing a book, speaking on stage or mindset hacks.

What You Get (Lifetime access to all):

Grow Your NLP Certification Training Company Without funnels, big social media audiences, paid ads or free trainings

Copy My Exact '7 Fig System' That I Used To Build My Own NLP Training Company

I Built My Own 7 Figure NLP & Hypnosis Training Company in 14 months from Scratch! - Here Is How!

What is it?

The 7 Figure NLP Certification Training Company program is a 5 week online program designed for NLP certification trainers & Hypnosis certification trainers who have the desire to grow a training company from scratch. Whether you are certifying students in NLP, selling online NLP courses, NLP events, NLP seminars, NLP masterclasses or live NLP events this program will show you how to do it from scratch – Launch 6 figure trainings, upsell your NLP masters certifications and events, become known as the trusted guru globally all from scratch!

Who is it for?

Anyone who is an NLP certification trainer, hypnosis trainer or coaching trainer who is selling NLP certifications and hypnosis certifications. As long as you are qualified to teach NLP or Hypnosis this training program will show you everything you need to succeed and build a global NLP certification training company that will rival even the biggest training schools in the industry.

Where does it happen?

Completely online program. Once you enrol you gain instant access to this massive 5-week program, our private community, lifetime support, personal mentoring from myself, private upskilling masterclasses and every step you need to succeed. I have left nothing out. Turn your brain off and follow the program.

Just a handful of our '6 figure' training courses and certification courses

Unbeatable training model

7 Figure NLP Training Comapany

You’ll get the exact systems, strategies, and methods I have personally used to grow my Hypnosis & NLP training company to more than 7 figures in just 14 month. I have left no stone unturned. You get it all! The Systems, marketing, sales, social media, course creation, passive income, affiliate marketing systems, how to scale, and automate to make money even while you sleep. This is the real deal! 

Access & support.

Once enrolled you have access to the program for life (no extra costs, no recurring fees). You will be a part of our growing community for life with 24/7 real-life support. This is more than a program, it is a mentorship to support and keep you accountable for your success every step along the way.

Private mentoring.

Once enrolled you have the ability to join our Facebook community and you will have access to the program immediately. Your support includes lifetime access to everything, private mentoring and access to Scott whenever you need him in any capacity. “I have done all the thinking for you. Turn your brain off and just follow the steps” – Scott Jansen

*This is not a certification course, nor can it be used for insurance or CEC points – This course is not recognised or registered with any hypnotherapy/coaching/NLP boards. This program is used only for educational purposes and to enhance your current therapeutic and coaching skill set. All results, success and testimonies are from practising hypnotherapists, coaches and NLP, your results may vary depending on your skill level, past certifications, knowledge, and dedication. You must take 100% responsibility to setting up your practise, gaining the correct insurance and education, following of rules and regulations for your services and marketing. take no responsibility for your results with clients. This program is for training purposes only, no certification will be presented at the end of the training.

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